Hector McNeill was born in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England.

He read agriculture and economics at Cambridge University (Clare College) and economics and systems engineering as a Fellow of the Food Research Institute and School of Engineering at Stanford University.

He is the leading international developer of The Real Incomes Approach to Economics and also Locational-State Theory.

He is the Coordinator for SEEL-Systems Engineering Economics Lab which he founded in 1983 and the Director of The George Boole Foundation Limited which he founded in 2010.

Hector's work at the George Boole Foundation is dedicated to the development of useful decision analysis cloud-based analytical tools and models to support low income country agricultural project optimization to meet United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The latest product developments include SDGToolkit.com and Mutec.Cloud software-as-a-service provisions.

Hector's previous work has included being a United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization remote sensing expert with Plant Production Division, where he led an all-Brazilian team to develop the world's first automated remote sensing-based crop production and inventory system for the Brazilian Institute of Coffee.

He was the manager of applications for the Information Technology and Telecommunications Task Force of the European Commission leading the development on life-long business learning systems for inovation based on global networks.

He was also the Environmental Economist for the World Bank G7 Rain Forest Trust Fund working on Agro-ecological zoning projects in the Amazon.

Hector is fluent in Portuguese and pays jazz harmonica, mainly Boss Nova and blues.

Hector's email is: hector.mcneill@hectormcneill.com